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Host a Poppy Picnic:

The Royal British Legion and produced packs of goodies to help you host a Poppy Picnic and raise money for the Legion. Click here for more details.

Submit your photos & stories:

If you have any photos of Rickmansworth during WW1, or stories from your family archives of the town during this time, please

Contact us and we will publish everything we are able.

We will also try and publish your family stories - just let us have jpg pictures and Word files with all the details.

Knit or Crochet a Poppy for our Lion:

In 2014, Women’s Weekly launched a project to knit or crochet poppies to be placed on War Memorials around the UK.  Whilst their project closed - our Lion is looking sadly neglected.  From his once prominent position atop the memorial - he now is in a corner of the rose garden opposite the Council building.  Thanks to the Rickmansworth Scouts who saved him from being melted down and raised funds to build the plinth on which he now stands, we feel that he is an integral part of the memorial and should be commemorated.  You can download a pattern here.