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Come and join us!

Do you care about the community where you live and/or work?  We Do!

The Rickmansworth Town Team is a Community Interest Company set up by like minded people and organisations who have a keen interest in our town.  We want to show that we care for our community by organising outward facing activities that involve everyone. Lots of time on your hands or not so much - all are welcome so why not come along to help build a vibrant, prosperous and happy community.


- Gibbs Gillespie

- Rickmansworth Residents

- Rickmansworth Waterways Trust

- Saferoading

- Sewell & Gardner

- Three Rivers District Council

- Waitrose

We are registered with Companies House

You can see a copy of our Articles of Association here:

 Some of the Rickmansworth Town Team having fun at the Christmas Evening 2014!

Mail: info@rickmansworthtown.co.uk?subject=Rickmansworth Town - Contact

- Cinnamon Square

RTTCIC Articles of Association.pdf If you would like to know more about becoming  a member either as an individual or as an Organisation you can find out more here.